Dear Interested, dear Interested!
Thank you for your interest in the NENO choir.
We will gladly make a service with our singing a special experience.
The NENO Choir performs much more often than most other church choirs. We often sing to church services or give a concert.

But we have set ourselves a limit: a performance in each month should be enough, on very special occasions, we are also book for another appearances in the month.
Please ask us.

Contact possibilities:

Organization and appointment

Is regulated by Mr. Carsten Koch.
However, we ask you to send us a written request either by contact form or by email, in urgent cases you can reach him also by phone.
As a rule, inquiries are answered the same day.


INFO on the edge: Not as usual, we save NO data, everything that is entered in the form will be packed in an email. If it crashes then it is gone.

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Mail: NENO-Chor@gmx.de

Or in urgent cases by phone: 0170 50 42 103

Choral Conducting

Our choirmaster has, besides us, also other choirs, and is therefore difficult to reach.
For this reason, it is recommended to take the path via the official eMail address.
If you still wish direct contact with him, you can reach him under this eMail adress: gary.oconnell (at) elkb.de

Again, there is a phone number: 0172 289 3588